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What is in my bag?

Too much! No, just kidding 😉

However, this question has turned out to be as trivial as serious. Packing my luggage for a holiday trip – even it it would be a longer one – normally is a task of one hour or at the very most two. For a business trip I just need some minutes. But if you are planing to spend four months on the road AND you would like to combine this trip with extensive photographing and blogging… then it can become another story. At least if you want to travel light and without an own vehicle. Dragging along a photo studio and an office in a backpack is not that easy…

Clothes and the other things are not the problem. It’s summer, it’s Europe and I don’t need camping equipment or any other special gear. It’s the technical equipment that caused a headache to a certain extent. As a photographer one tends to take as much gear as possible with you. I am no exception here. For sure I need a short telephoto lens for portraits and my super wide angle zoom for… not to forget the flash for fill… and so on. Fortunately, I had both enough time to think about it and a clear limitation by my backpack. With that, I have decided to strictly limit my equipment to two small cameras and just two fixed focal lenses – a wide angle and a standard lens. That’s good for my back on the one hand and I also hope it’s good for sharpening my eye on the other hand. Less is more…

The only other thing beside all the batteries and chargers is an instax printer which can be extremely helpful while taking pictures of people.

For my pictures:

It turned out that the choice of the office equipment was the far simpler part. I need a notebook for processing and storing my images and for writing the blog. For the journey there is no need to have the best available device here, so I decided to buy an older used Macbook Air model. It has not the best display for image editing, but it’s OK. Period. The same goes for tablet… it’s an older model as well, but it works and it has a slot for SIM cards which I will need to have internet on the road. For my personal records I still prefer the old way though… 🙂

For my blog:

  • A 13” notebook (bought used just for the journey)
  • An external 2.5” hard disk for backups
  • A small tablet (also bought used for the journey)
  • A smartphone
  • A ‘traditional’ and very analog notebook 🙂
  • A huge stack of business cards

To be honest, I simply do not have enough space for much personal stuff like books or other things. Therefore, music will be more or less the only luxury I will allow myself… 🙂

For my mood:

  • My beloved Headphones

That’s it. The countdown is on and I should be on the road in less than 72 hours… and both tension and joyful anticipation are rising from minute to minute.


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