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The journey is the reward!

A lot has happened since I decided to postpone my project. Personally, I have been tight up to get a grip on my health problems and I still am today. The European Union did not overcome its crisis as we all have seen with Britains vote to exit the EU as an inglorious peak so far. Overall, there is much to suggest that the world has not become less complicated or a saver place in general. Despite that fact – or perhaps precisely because of it – there has never been a more important time to take actions.

Fortunately, I have not only managed to organize the postponement with my employer, but I also got fairly fit to make the journey. Moreover, as a compensation for the delay I allow myself an extension of one month for my trip through Europe. This means in detail that I will start on April, 29th and will be back in Germany not before September, 1st. If the whole story may be said to have a positive side, than it’s this one for sure.

In the planning principles nothing dramatic has changed at first glance… despite the fact that I have changed the order of the visits simply for climatic reasons. I think it’s way easier to travel and work in Greece in May instead of August. Therefore, I’m going to start in Greece and will make the whole trip more a less in reverse order, with Ireland at the end. The major change relates to the fact that I have added the Balkans as a new project region to my journey. Another point is that I will visit that additional part not alone but with my partner. She will join me for one month, starting in Athens and leaving me again in Zagreb.

On closer inspection, it is noticeable that so many small things have changed though. The first one is related to my attitude concerning the whole project. Earlier on, I was very dogged about the question how I should do the planning and everything else. I was so keen to plan all the details (the route, the contacts, the whole project) in advance that I literally stood in my own way. The hard time of the last months taught me not only humility, but also focused my look on the essentials and reminded me of the importance of deceleration once again. Thanks for this!

One result of this thought process has had a lasting effect on my travel plans: I will not fly by above the heads of the Europeans. Instead, I have decided to travel through Europe, which means that I will move on the most of my way by bus or train – beginning in Bonn as my starting point. Supplementary to my previous plans not to take a private car for the trip the certainty grows that I will have the opportunity to fulfill the essential meaning of this project: meeting other people.

It therefore follows that I will travel through far more countries than originally planned. In detail I’m looking forward to visit – at least to a certain point – the following countries:

Core countries: Greece, Poland, Ireland (dark colour)
Additional countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Croatia (grey colour)
Go through countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Macedonia, Slovakia, Hungary (green colour)

The other very important point of this deceleration has already been mentioned in this post’s title:

The journey is the reward!


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