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Now more than ever…

I openly admit that I was doubting. Or to put it another way: I am still doubting. Doubting about my project, doubting about Europe and the European Integration and sometimes doubting about the existence of intelligent life in general down here on Earth. Who should be surprised to hear that considering the daily news which are raining down on us? Last week I´ve had such large doubts about the sense of my idea with the project that I asked myself: Why not going to India or South East Asia, sitting on my ass on a white beach and sticking my feet into the warm water for three month? The answer was simple: It’s monsoon season then… 😉

No, just kidding. The true answer is that I am not prepared to give up my dreams – neither the dream of a united Europe nor the dream of my journey and the photographic documentation of it. Therefore I will continue my plans and for sure I will depart in July. But there is one thing I have noticed while thinking a lot about these doubts and hopefully I got it now: I should stop having unattainable expectations and ambitions concerning this project. I will not change the whole world with it, maybe not even a little bit. But I can try to change my own attitude to that… giving me so much more freedom and peace in mind.


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