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Rule, Britannia…?

A tongue-in-cheek approach to a serious issue. Mostly. I admit I did have troubles finding a title for this post preferably avoiding all forms of puns around the omnipresent word ‘Brexit’. While reflecting this, suddenly a more than fifty-year old film scene occurred to me. In that scene in the movie ‘Murder Ahoy!’ the wonderful Margret Rutherford alias Miss Marple almost bellows out the sometimes as unofficial British national anthem considered patriotic song ‘Rule, Britannia!‘, both in her own inimitable manner and with such a level of enthusiasm that even as a child I understood the importance of national pride for the British.

Are we really?

The German journalist Evelyn Roll recently published a polemic pamphlet with the title ‘Wir sind Europa‘ (We are Europe; unfortunately only available in German, but you can find the international version of an essay this book is based on here). On the one hand Mrs Roll gives us here a brief description on the emergence of populism and nationalism we are currently observing in many countries of the EU. On the other hand – much more interesting by the way – she critically picks at European wounds as well as our own without spreading the usual portion of pessimism. Instead, the most important and optimistic message contained in her words is: the future of the EU is in our own hands!